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Barnes Digital Agency is a team that builds and develops creative business strategies for both emerging and established brands.  From social media management to experimental marketing firm, we produce premium content for small to large scale companies and events.  Barnes Digital Agency brings ideas to life.

We’re here to deliver the right message, at the right time, across multiple platforms.


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MEET Amil Barnes

Amil is the CEO & Founder of Barnes Digital, a creative digital agency in Washington DC, and Cuff, a platform for creating mature conversations through discussions of love and dating experiences.

Ami’s’s unique talent for brand-building, design quality, and knack for strategic program execution has been utilized by a host of industry leading clients including Netflix, Apple Music, DC Lottery, Atlantic Records, Jeep, Radio One, Under Armour, Karen Civil & More.  

Amil’s work has captivated audiences worldwide with over 10 million of cumulative views on YouTube, and the accolades have followed.

He is an alumnus of Johnson & Wales University in Charlotte, NC